During the program you will:​

  • Find out how financial markets operate: their structure, products, organizations, and principles.​
  • Examine the current state of FinTech ecosystem, as well as short- and long-term opportunities in the sector.​
  • Learn how to develop a new FinTech product.​​
  • Analyze FinTech risks, and their effects on the business and the industry.​
  • Explore the future of money and analyze macro-economic factors that impact financial innovation. ​
  • Learn about the FinTech regulatory environment.​​

Key FinTech experts in one place

Audrius Šilgalis
Bank of Lithuania
Jekaterina Govina
Bank of Lithuania
Andrius Grigorjevas
Synthesis Consulting Group
Tomas Nemūra
Choco Agency

Other professionals from:

Your navigation to responsible & innovative FinTech journey with acknowledged industry leaders

The newest and most relevant theory, combined with tools and frameworks in key FinTech areas. ​
Career Progression​
Shift from an individual contributor to innovator and leader.
Academic Excellence​
Top professionals, academics, and consultants.
Network Building​
Sharing with and learning from colleagues in the field.


As Lithuania is home to a rapidly expanding FinTech industry, there are many opportunities for professionals willing to enter this sector. ”FinTech Compass” features a strong line-up of lecturers, who are leaders in their respective fields. I am sure this programme will equip participants with the knowledge needed to get ahead in the industry.

Marius Jurgilas​
Bank of Lithuania​

Emerging technologies, such as AI, machine learning, biometrics, cybersecurity, and smart data, will shape how financial services will be offered, and developing regulatory landscape and customer-centric approach will set a new standard for business models, products, and customer expectations. Balancing these challenges will be the key to success for FinTech companies.

With that in mind, we have developed Fintech Compass, focusing on financial markets, product development, and future trends. Together with the Bank of Lithuania, we are bringing the knowledge from top experts so you can challenge the status quo.

Dalius Misiūnas
ISM president

9-day FinTech programdeveloped by ISM University of Management and Economics, together with its social partner, the Bank of Lithuania.


How do financial markets operate: their structure, products, organizations, and principles.​​


What is happening in the market while you are doing what you are doing: the products, the services, the disruptions.​


What is the funding cycle of Fintech companies?​


How to develop a FinTech product?​


How to market FinTech products?​


What technology is crucial for FinTech?​


What is the regulatory environment in FinTech? ​​


How does sustainability and ethical responsibility impact FinTech?​


How does the FinTech future look like?